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How to become a Pilot?

Whenever we are going to the airport,  the plans standing over there attract us instantly. Moreover, many youngsters get attracted by the uniform of air hostess or pilot. They start wishing to become a pilot or air hostess. But most of them get confused about what to do next. Before proceeding, we must know who is the pilot? So, a pilot is a person who is able to operate aircraft in order to transport passengers or goods from one location to another. A pilot is also called an aviator.

Now the main question arises on how to become a pilot/aviator?

First of all, you must know, you can not become a aviator just after completing your 10th. You have to complete 12th with physics, chemistry, and maths. In other words, to become an aviator students must complete 12th with science stream opting PCM.

How to get Admission

There are two ways:
1. Either you complete 12th with PCM from regular school or National Open School.
2. Or you can apply to Some Pilot Training Institutes directly after 10th who help their students to complete their 12th from National Open School. However, you have to clear some selection stages like Aptitude Test, Physical Test, Interview, etc to get admission to these institutes.

Physical Requirement

1. Your height should be at least 5 feet.
2. Your vision should be 6/6.

Minimum Age for Pilot Licence

The minimum age for applying for CPL(Commercial Pilot Licence) is 18 years in India. But the minimum age for applying for Student Pilot Licence is 16 year.

Top Institutes for Pilot Training Course
  1. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, Rae Bareilly
  2. Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation, Karnal
  3. All Indian Institute of Aeronautics (AIIA), Dehradun
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Secunderabad
  5. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics-AAA-Ahmedabad
  6. New Delhi Flying Club
  7. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
  8. Bombay Flying Club
  9. Flytech aviation academy, Hyderabad
Admission, Training, and Licence

If you clear your Physical Test, Aptitude Test, Written Test, and Interview, then you will get admission to Pilot Training Institute. There, Institute will give you Initial CPL training Which is for the candidates with no prior flying experience. Before starting this training, you have to apply for the Student Pilot Licence. Which is similar to Learning Licence for driving. To get a Student Pilot Licence, you have to clear oral exam taken by Chief Instructor at the School or DGCA representative.  The duration of the entire course of training will be 15-18 months. You should complete a 200 hrs of flight time to get a commercial pilot Licence.

Then apply for the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) exam. And you must secure 70% in this exam to get CPL (Commercial Pilot License).

After getting the CPL, you can apply to different Airlines. If An Airline select you, then they will  appoint you as a trainee. And there they will give you training. After completing their training, Airline company will appoint you as Aircrew.

Estimated Cost To become a Pilot in India

It costs around 45-60 lakhs in India. In short, 30-40 lakhs is to obtain the commercial pilot license and 15-20 lakhs for the Type Rating.

A type rating is necessary because it assures airlines and regulatory bodies that you are fully qualified to operate a particular aircraft. And it also indicates that you have a very good knowledge of a particular aircraft and its system navigation, various protocols and procedures.

To become a Pilot with no cost in India

If flying is your passion and you can’t afford such a big amount, so don’t get disappointed. You can fulfill your dream by joining then Indian Defence Forces. Here on one hand you will  get training without cost. On the other hand you will get a stipend during training itself. To become a pilot in Indian Defence Forces, you have to clear NDA exam after 12th. To get complete knowledge about the NDA exam you read our article on NDA or you can visit the official website www.nda.gov.in.

You can also give the CDSE (Combined Defence Services Examination) exam. CDSE is for people who want to join Indian Air Force after graduation. The selected candidates are sent for training at the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

Average Salary

Starting salary could be 1 lakh per month. But after some year of experience it could be up to 10 lakhs per month in India.