Nautical Science

Nautical Science

Choosing one’s career in nautical science prepares a person to become a deck officer. The deck officer is responsible for running (driving) the ship, maintenance of deck, cargo holds, tanks, etc.  They are also responsible for the supervision of cargo loading and unloading. Qualification in Nautical science is the qualification that is needed for a career in the merchant navy.

What is the merchant navy?

Dry goods, liquid, Gases carrying ships, Passenger ships, Cruise lines, Offshore support vessels, and any other ships engaged in business commercial activities other than Naval Ships are called  Merchant  Navy.

Benefits of joining Merchant Navy

It is highly paid job. One can get promotions easily. One can visit countries all over the world. No expenses while onboard. Less competition.

B.Sc Program in NAutical Science

B. Sc. in Nautical Science covers all important topics related to maritime studies

There are two types of  Nautical Science Programmes.

1.  Diploma in Nautical Science
2.  Three years B.Sc. in Nautical Science, 3 years course

Diploma in Nautical Science:

This is one year ( 2 semesters ) course in the Marine Institute. After completion of one year, you can go for an advanced  Diploma in Nautical  Science. In this advanced diploma course, you will get onboard training for three semesters and theoretical training for one semester. After completing a written and oral exam you will get a certificate of competency as 2nd Mate’ and is also awarded a “B.Sc. degree”  in Nautical  Science.

Three-year in Nautical Science
This is a three-year undergraduate course. It is a professional bachelor’s degree that includes both practical and theoretical sessions to train the candidate to safely navigate and operate marine vehicles, such as a ship. Many institutes offer a three-year degree course in Nautical Science, such as
  • Indian Maritime University
  • AMET University
  • Vel University
  • Mumbai University

Candidate must have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Maths with a minimum of 60% marks and English with atleast 50% marks.

Candidate’s age must not be more than 25 and less than 17


Entrance Test

Most of the colleges take an Entrance test to offer admission in Nautical Science. Some popular entrance tests are as follows :

MHT CET (Mumbai university)

TANCET(Vels University, Chennai)

IMU CET (Indian Maritime University, Chennai)

AMET Entrance Exam(Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Karnataka)

Job Roles

After completing the Nautical Science Course, the candidate can join shipping companies as Trainee Cadet Officers. After getting experience and qualifying exams, one can be promoted to the subsequent post like Third Officer, Second Officer, Chief Officer, and Captain.


After joining as a trainee cadet, the person will get about 6-8 lakhs per annum. It may be different in different countries.