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No Offline exam upto class 8 in Delhi Govt. Schools

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government issued guidelines to its schools for assessment of students up to class 8. According to these guidelines,  offline exams will not be taken for the students up 8. Rather they will be promoted on the basis of project and assignments.

According to Directorate of Education , these guidelines are to be followed by Govt-run and added schools, private schools will prepare their own schedule for assessments.

According to the guidelines, for classes 3 to 5, 30 marks will be for assessment based on worksheet, 30 for the assignment given in winter break, 40 for the assignment and project provided from March 1 to 15.

Similarly, for class 6 to 8, 20 marks will be for assessment based on worksheet, 30 for assignment given in winter break, and 50 for the assignments and projects provided from March 1 to 15.

In case, if student does not have digital device or internet then they should be given facility to submit the project or assignment as hard copy while following the COVID-19 Guidelines.

DoE  also said , students should not be called to schools to give their results. They should be informed through the digital means, text messages, mail or phone calls.

According to DoE, Student of classes KG to 2 will be given Grades according to their assignment given in winter break and responses to the worksheets shared online  during the pandemic.

Students of class 9th and 11th will have offline exams according to schedule decided by schools. For 10 and 12 , Board Exams will be conducted from May 4.